GO KIT54-9 STA-RITE P2R Pump Shaft SealKit



Product Specifications

Brand Super-Pro
Vendor Product Number GO-KIT54-9
Fo ruse with Dura-Glas(R)/Maxi-Glas PZRA & PZR 1998 Thru Present Pumps
Replacement part for U9-228A, U9-226, 17304-0100, C20-103, U9-229, U178-920P
Parts Included (1) O-240 Housing O-Ring, (1) O-49 Diffuser Gasket, (1) AS-200 Seal, (1) G-99RS Pump Gasket, (1) O-218 Lid O-Ring, (1) O-39 Drain Plug O-Ring


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