Energy Efficient Pool Motors

Variable Speed Pumps- The smart way to run your pool.

Many states, including Florida, have updated the building codes to require pool owners to retrofit their pools to energy efficient pool motors and pumps. Previously your pool motor may have been a single speed, running continuously at full speed for the duration the pool was being filtered. Common sense tells us that we do not need to drive at maximum speed to get to work, and now we don't have to do it to clean our pools. Positive Pool Wholesale has selected 3 different choices that we believe represent the best choices in the market today. The Pentair InteliFlo is sold as a complete pump and has an installed base larger than all the other brands combined. The next choice is the Marathon Electric imPower motor used for retrofitting existing pump installations, and finally the Emerson EB2982T a more economical choice that is also California title 20 compliant. We support customers throughout the United States and understand that not all of them dwell in a region that requires these upgrades. However, the single largest energy consumption outside the home is the pool motor. Single speed pool motors typically consume as much energy as all the appliances (excluding a/c) combined. Conventional thought leads to believe that we must spend thousands on new windows, more attic insulation, etc. in order to cut the power bill. Surely those are sound ideas, however an afternoon spent switching out a motor in the back yard, often combined with an incentive from the power company, makes this upgrade a "no-brainer" saving you money on the power bill.


 Pentair IntelliFlo
 Marathon Electric imPower

Emerson EB2982T 2 Speed Programmable


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