PoolRx Pool Rx Unit and Booster Mineral Clarifier KIT
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PoolRx Pool Rx Unit and Booster Mineral Clarifier KIT
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PoolRX - Booster

The PoolRX Booster replaces lost minerals, or for additional minerals if needed for pools bigger than 20,000 gallons (see chart below).

When will I know to replace the minerals?

Unfortunately because of our patented sequestrant agent, no testing reagent can give you an accurate reading. However it’s really easy to know when to replace the minerals. When you see a small amount of algae reforming you know it’s time to replace the minerals or every 6 months. If you live in a hot and humid climate we recommend replacing minerals every 4 months.

Why such a big variance, 4 to 6 months?

Every pool is different. Some pools need more sanitizing than others. High bather load, leaves and debris, dogs swimming, algae bloom and bad circulation all contribute to how hard the minerals work.

Where and when do I add the booster?

Where-The booster can be added into the skimmer if there is nothing blocking the water flow.  If there is no water flow in the skimmer, place the booster or boosters into the pump basket next to the unit. NB- The minerals do not need to go back into the unit. They just need to be replaced in the water again & the booster tablet will dissolve and minerals circulate throughout the whole body of water and are rejuvenated when passing back over the rod in the pump basket.      When - I would add them in early morning when the filter has at least 4 hours to run so the minerals can dissolve.

Do I need to do anything before adding the booster?

Make sure the filter is clean before adding the booster. If you add the booster while the filter is dirty the minerals may get stuck on the dirt in the filter and when you clean the filter you will lose the minerals,

Cartridge filter, we suggest taking the filter grids out for 4 to 6 hours and let the pool run allowing the minerals to dissolve into the water before putting filter grids back in 

Residential Volume Chart

Volume- Gallons/Liters      Units Booster 4 to 6 months
20,000    -        80,000 1 0 1
30,000    -      120,000 1 1 2
40,000    -      160,000 2 0 2
50,000    -      200,000 2 1 3
60,000    -      240,000 3 0 3

If your pool is larger than shown on table please contact us or go to the commercial information on pool dosage.

PoolRx Pool Rx Unit and Booster Mineral Clarifier KIT

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