Pool Stain Treat United Chemical Corporation 2lb
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Pool Stain Treat United Chemical Corporation 2lb
  • $21.99

Remove Stains From Any Surface

Most powerful stain remover

  • Great for any pool surface
  • Perfect for start-up stain prevention
  • Safe & easy to use
  • Baquacil™ / Softswim™ compatible
  • Works 40-60 days on all surfaces


What is Pool Stain Treat?
Pool Stain Treat is a sequestrant & a chelator. Those are fancy words for a metal holding, stain remover and preventor chemical.

Why do I need a stain product?
A fact not generally known by the pool business is that all water has metal in it. We get 25,000 calls per year on staining and over half showed no metals when tested. Staining is the number 1 problem and it's the hardest to fix. Algae is easy for us to get rid of.

Does Pool Stain Treat remove metals from the water?
Some metals will be removed from the water but no product is effective in eliminating all metals from the water. Many of our calls are complaints about competitor's products that didn't work. Since metals come from dust, rain, fertilizers, city and well water, other chemicals, it's ridiculous to believe that you don't have metals in your pool. United's position is that you always treat for metals and that will protect you from a bad surprise. It's like wearing your seat belt always when you drive.

How effective is Pool Stain Treat?
Pool Stain Treat is the most powerful stain product in the market today. It is recommended by most of the fiberglass companies, the largest vinyl pool company (Doughboy), plasterers from coast to coast. Thousands of pool professionals use Pool Stain Treat.

What can I expect from using Pool Stain Treat?
First, you should know that stain removal is very difficult in many cases. Our normal dose rate is a 85,000 to 1 dilution. That's like doing the laundry with a drop of detergent. Your pool may clean-up in hours or take months to clean-up. Be patient. United makes other products that can accelerate the cleanup process but unfortunately they are more expensive.

Is Pool Stain Treat toxic?
No! When diluted in the pool water, the oxalic acid in the formula is below the level of oxalic acid in spinach and rhubarb. We calculated that you would have to drink over 1900 gallons of pool water to get enough oxalic to be toxic. Of course, you wouldn't have survived the water. We do have some competitors trying to scare our customers but that's their fear of a better product.

Do I run the pump when I add Pool Stain Treat?
It doesn't matter whether you run the pump or not. Some people like to dump the product directly on the stain with the pump off. It's faster and more dramatic but can cause temporary streaking. Follow the instructions, it's easy.

Pool Stain Treat United Chemical Corporation 2lb

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