Swimming Pool 2 LB Algaecide For Green Algae
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Swimming Pool 2 LB Algaecide For Green Algae
  • $21.99

Turn your Green Pool Back to Blue

  • Kills green algae
  • Easy to use
  • Contains no metals
  • Safe for you and your pets

What is Green Treat?
Green Treat is an E.P.A. registered algicide formulated for the killing and elimination of green algae.

How do I tell when I have green algae?
Green algae grows all over and turns the water into a cloudy, green swamp. When the algae is on the walls, most of it will brush off. If none will brush off, look out, you probably have metal staining. Use Pool Stain Treat for metals. A clear green pool is not green algae. That's a metal problem and you should use United's Pool Stain Treat.

What benefits can I expect from using it?
Your green algae will be immediately arrested and after you brush off any residue, your pool will have superior clarity. Run your filter to clear it up.

Is it expensive to use?
No! A 2 lb. bottle will treat 20,000 gallons, 2 times what most of the competitors can handle, and we do it better!

How effective is Green Treat?
It is so effective that many pool professionals use it in Southern California and Florida. We guarantee it! Always check your filter with Filter Aid first so you don't waste money.

What does Green Treat do?
It effectively kills green algae and starts to clean up the water of other invisible life forms.

Does Green Treat have copper or other metals in it?
No! It does not contain any heavy metals which can stain your pool.

Does Green Treat affect my pool's balance?
No! But if you over chlorinate your pool, you may affect your test kit results by bleaching and/or causing reactions with the test reagents. Simply add more chlorine/bromine neutralizer to correct the problem.

Can Green Treat Stain?
No! But you must be careful because you use chlorine to activate Green Treat and the chlorine can cause staining. Be sure to pre-dissolve the chlorine and broadcast the solution on top of the pool, don't pour it down the sides.

Is Green Treat ok for my type pool?
You can use it in any type pool.

Swimming Pool 2 LB Algaecide For Green Algae

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