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DE Blowback not always related to torn/old grids

- Thursday, August 02, 2012

We often hear that de is still blowing back into pools after the grids have been replaced. At this point its best to check the manifold and make sure there is no debris from the previous set of grids stuck inside. What can happen as you are removing the old set of grids, the tip that rests inside of the manifold snaps off and prevents the new grid from fully inserting to the pool filter manifold. Next we should move on to the manifold. Each pool filter manifold comes equipped with an air bleeder to expel air that has accumulated in the manifold. The air bleeder tends to be a focal point for pressure and over the years the plastic can fatigue and crack. Pressure build up can also collapse the fin mesh filter screen. Depending on the DE filter we have many different parts to address this issue. Custom Molded products has developed an innovative solution to the Pentair FNS Plus series of DE pool filter manifolds. Below I have attached some pictures of a manifold that collapsed the mesh screen and developed cracks. Additionally you will see where Custom Molded integrated the air bleed into the manifold itself. No feed pipe, no mesh screen to worry about.


 FNS Plus DE Filter manifold 59023700, 59000400 with cracks. Time to replace!




 CMC manifold with the integrated air bleeder that fitsPentair/American Titan RPM & 5000 Series and Pentair FNS Plus DE (24, 36,48, 60 sq. ft grids)

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