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Fred Savill - Thursday, June 21, 2012

Now that summer is in full bloom maybe the algae in your pool is in full bloom also. No need to panic…simply use the right algaecide and get rid of this ugly nuisance. As the water temperature in your pool rises from the summer heat your pool becomes a fertile place for algae to thrive. In addition, high bathing loads and environmental factors such as summer rain fall also contribute to the growth of algae.  One of the most prevalent types of algae in pool water is yellow or commonly called “mustard algae”. There is a product named Yellow Treat which is very effective in ridding your pool of mustard algae. When used as directed on the label you will be amazed at how quickly it knocks out and removes this ugly yellow growth from your pool. When added to your pool water Yellow Treat combined with chlorine creates a “super oxidizer” which destroys algae immediately upon contact. Once the algae is gone you must be sure to maintain the proper chlorine level as well as water balance to insure that the algae does not return. It only takes a matter of hours with a low chlorine level in your pool water for algae to once again reappear and thrive.

2 LB Yellow Treat Kills Mustard Algae in Swimming Pools




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