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Wholesale Pool Supply Blog

We are the #1 DISCOUNT pool supply store offering wholesale prices on pool filters, pool pumps, and pool supplies by name brand manufacturer's including Hayward, Pentair, AO Smith, Sta-Rite, Kreepy Krauly, Polaris, Baracuda, Jandy, Unicel, Marathon, and many others. Our pool blog will feature a variety of topics on pool maintenance, pool repair, pool problems, pool chemicals and pool supplies. We welcome your comments or questions on any of our blog posts. Or, if you have a specific pool problem that you would like our help solving, just give us a call!

Great White Auto Pool Cleaner Special

Fred Savill - Tuesday, February 22, 2011

                        $50.00 REBATE


We are offering a special pre-season sale on the Great White auto cleaner.  Click on the following link for details:

Great White Pool Cleaner


Fred Savill - Monday, February 21, 2011


Are there so many leaves on the floor of your pool that when you vacuum you have to stop every few minutes and empty your pump strainer basket? Worse yet, has the vacuum line gotten clogged with leaves and you’ve had to call your pool service company to blow out the line costing you wasteful dollars? Here’s a simple inexpensive way to avoid these problems. Get a Pool Vacuum Leaf Eater! The “leaf eater” clips on to the end of your tele-pole just like your vacuum head or skimmer net does. You then attach your garden hose to the fitting on the frame of the leaf eater. Turn on the garden hose and role the “leaf eater” over the floor of your pool just as if you were vacuuming. Leaves are automatically sucked up into the extra large capacity bag, avoiding the pool pump and filter completely. When the “leaf eater” bag is full simply remove and empty it. Reattach the clean bag and continue sucking up the leaves until your pool is clean. It’s that easy! Click on the link below and you will see how to save time and money cleaning your leafy pool.

Replacing your pool motor shaft seal

- Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Hi folks, Andrew from Positive Pool here. We have sold and replaced thousands of pool motors over the years and if there is one thing you must do is replace the shaft seal when you install the new motor. The shaft seal is what prevents water leaking from the pump into the motor. Think of it this way, you just dropped a nice bit of coin on a shiny new motor for your pool and would you really want to spoil that expense by re-using your old shaft seal? I think not. Maybe some other retailers will leave this information out, or expect you to pay extra for the seal. Not here, every pool motor we sell from Positive Pool Wholesale comes with a new shaft seal included with the price of the motor. This brings a great value to you and provides the confidence needed to get the pool up and running again. Whether you need a PS-200. PS-201 or PS-1000 pump seal I have included a link to a video from US Seal Mfg, the industries top supplier, that demonstrates how to replace a shaft seal, enjoy!

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