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Wholesale Pool Supply Blog

We are the #1 DISCOUNT pool supply store offering wholesale prices on pool filters, pool pumps, and pool supplies by name brand manufacturer's including Hayward, Pentair, AO Smith, Sta-Rite, Kreepy Krauly, Polaris, Baracuda, Jandy, Unicel, Marathon, and many others. Our pool blog will feature a variety of topics on pool maintenance, pool repair, pool problems, pool chemicals and pool supplies. We welcome your comments or questions on any of our blog posts. Or, if you have a specific pool problem that you would like our help solving, just give us a call!


Fred Savill - Friday, June 03, 2011

Now that the swim season is upon us it’s time to make sure your pool water chemistry is balanced and swim safe. One of the most important factors in helping to maintain a proper chlorine level is to be sure that your pool water is stabilized. Stabilizer is actually a granular product who chemical name is cyanuric acid. By adding the proper amount of cyanuric acid/stabilizer to your pool it works to keep chlorine active and available in your pool water.  It’s like putting “sunglasses” over your pool water which filters out the sun’s ultraviolet rays which causes chlorine to dissolve more quickly from your pool water.  Almost any pool supply store that tests your pool water chemistry will include the test for stabilizer.  The proper level of stabilizer in your pool should be between 40 ppm-60 ppm.  Your pool supply store personnel should be able to help you figure out how much cyanuric acid you need to add to your pool water to obtain the proper level.  If not, you can ALWAYS give us a call at Positive Pool Wholesale Supply (813) 677-4232, and we will he happy to guide you in setting the proper stabilizer level for your pool. Now, go take a swim and enjoy your pool!


Fred Savill - Thursday, May 26, 2011

With the arrival of Memorial Day weekend, POOL SEASON is officially upon us!  Please do not forget the most important safety rule of all.  NEVER LEAVE YOUR CHILDREN UNATTENDED!!! It only takes a moment to create a tragedy that lasts a lifetime.  Our children are the most precious gift in life.  Drowning is a very real pool problem that happens far to often.  So PLEASE…have a wonderful holiday weekend, but most of all, make it a safe holiday weekend!


Fred Savill - Thursday, April 21, 2011

Did you know that there is a biodegradable alternative to using DE filter powder? ZEO FIBER is an organic filtering agent that replaces the use of DE filter powder and is completely eco-friendly. While DE filter powder does not breakdown and accumulates where you backwash your pool filter, ZEO FIBER breaks down completely leaving no powdery residue whatsoever. ZEO FIBER will also extend your filter life cycle with less need for backwashing as frequently as a filter using DE filter powder. You also use less ZEO FIBER to recharge your filter after backwashing than with DE filter.  ZEO FIBER is the smart, economical choice for going “GREEN” with your pool filter.


Skimmer Sock

- Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Larry 3 If family time around the pool includes your four legged, furry friends we have a great product for you to think about. Its called the Skimmer Sock. It will be a great help in reducing the amount of dog hair and other fine particles that get caught in your filtration system. Particularly important now as our pups may be loosing their winter coats. I should add that it is a lot easier changing out a skimmer sock than backwashing your filter.


Fred Savill - Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Does your pool telepole keep slipping while you are vacuuming or brushing your pool? You don’t necessarily have to replace your telepole just because it won’t stay in an extended position. The locking mechanism which is called a “cam” is easily replaceable. The telepole cams are available in both plastic and metal.  Poles which have a plastic cam often wear out because you are continuously lengthening and shortening the pole. Consequently, the plastic cam wears down to the point where it will no longer lock the pole into place. Your local pool store should be able to get you a replacement cam which you can easily install. However, if your tele-pole is bent it is much more difficult to install a new cam and buying a new pole is your best option.  If you cannot find a replacement cam at your local pool supply store give us a call and we will be happy to assist you in purchasing a new cam.


Fred Savill - Saturday, April 02, 2011

As the pool swim season rapidly approaches it’s time to get your pool back into shape.  One of the most important steps in sanitizing your pool water and getting rid of any algae that may have developed on the walls and floor of your pool is “shocking” your water with chlorine. This simply means to add enough chlorine to your pool water to oxidize any bacteria that may exist in your pool water. Shocking your pool with chlorine also helps to make your pool water sparkle as the chlorine dissolves or oxidizes tiny organic particles that exist in the water. However, before you add chlorine to your pool it is absolutely necessary to balance the PH of your pool water by adding the proper amount of muriatic acid if the PH is high, or adding a PH product (available at your pool store) to raise the PH if it is low. An important fact that few pool owners know is that it takes nearly 10 times the amount of chlorine to shock or sanitize your pool water at a PH of 8.0 than with a PH of 7.2-7.4. So do yourself a favor and save money as well, balance the PH of the pool water before adding any chlorine. Keep in mind that chlorine shock or granular chlorine, as well as, liquid chlorine have a high PH from the manufacturing process. Therefore, when you are lowering your PH it is a good idea to add a little extra muriatic acid to compensate for the amount of shock/chlorine that you will be adding to your pool.


Fred Savill - Saturday, April 02, 2011

Spring time means getting your pool back into shape after letting the maintenance go for the winter season.  Using the right approach will not only save you time and energy, but big dollars as well! So don’t just go to your local pool retail store and purchase a huge sack of expensive chemicals.  Start off with making sure that your filter is cleaned thoroughly and that your pump and filtration system is working properly. Then take a look at how much debris will need to be vacuumed from your pool. Next and probably the most important step toward getting your pool back into shape is balancing the chemistry!  Even if your pool has algae or the water is cloudy, you still want to adjust your water chemistry to the basic levels that you should maintain. Then you can go about the task of assessing what chemicals you will need to purchase such as chlorine shock, algaecides, water clarifiers, ect. 

Swimming Pool Algae

Fred Savill - Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Algae growth in you pool is one of the most annoying pool problems that all pool owners face. Before you run out and buy a shopping bag full of algaecides that cost a small fortune, take the first and MOST important step toward algae control. Balance the water chemistry in your pool! Chlorine and  most all other pool oxidizers work much more effectively when the PH level of your pool water is between 7.2-7.4. It takes as much as 10 times the amount of chlorine to sanitize your pool water at a PH of 8.0, as it does at a PH of 7.4. Once your pool water chemistry is balanced then you can rid your pool of annoying and unsightly algae using any number of different algaecides available. It is extremely helpful to identify the type of algae that is in your pool. It is not that difficult to determine which type of algae is growing in your pool because there are only three main types of algae. The color of your algae is the most obvious clue in identifying the type. Yellow algae and green algae are the most common types of algae that pool owners have to deal with. These two kinds of algae are fairly easy to treat. Black algae is the third most common type of algae found in pool water and the most difficult to control once it is established on your pool surfaces. So when purchasing an algaecide to treat your pool the color of the algae is the best indicator of which algaecide to buy. Whether you have yellow, green, or black algae there effective algaecides available to treat all three of these most common algae types. Remember, CAREFULLY follow the directions on the bottle of the algaecide that you purchase. Click on the link below to find the algae control product that is right for treating the algae in your pool.

Pool Cartridge Filter Facts

Fred Savill - Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Unicel Cartridge Filter Replacement

Did you know that you can extend the life of your pool filter cartridge by soaking it in Tide laundry detergent? That’s right…laundry detergent! When it is time for you to clean your filter cartridge simply add a small amount of Tide to a bucket of water large enough to soak you cartridge and leave it over night. The next day rinse the filter cartridge with water from a spray nozzle on your garden hose. Laundry detergents contain a chemical which breaks down oils and allows you to rinse them  away. Not only will your filter last longer between cleaning cycles, but the overall life of your cartridge will be extended. However, if it is time to replace your worn out filter cartridge just click on either of the links below and you can have a new cartridge in no time at all. We stock both Unicel and Pleatco filter cartridges. These are the highest quality after market replacement pool filter cartridges at great savings to you!

Pool Filter Multi- Port Valve

Fred Savill - Tuesday, February 22, 2011

140 (1)multiport   140 (1)2multiport   HAYSPX0714CA-1-Small   spx0715ba-small

If your filter’s multi-port valve is cracked, leaking, or getting hard to turn you can easily replace the multi-port valve or simply replace the worn out internal parts. While installing a complete new multi-port valve will involve some re-plumbing of the PVC pipes, repairing your existing valve can be as easy as removing the screws and installing the new parts. Take a look at the link below and you will see all the parts that are available for getting your multi-port working like new!

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