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We are the #1 DISCOUNT pool supply store offering wholesale prices on pool filters, pool pumps, and pool supplies by name brand manufacturer's including Hayward, Pentair, AO Smith, Sta-Rite, Kreepy Krauly, Polaris, Baracuda, Jandy, Unicel, Marathon, and many others. Our pool blog will feature a variety of topics on pool maintenance, pool repair, pool problems, pool chemicals and pool supplies. We welcome your comments or questions on any of our blog posts. Or, if you have a specific pool problem that you would like our help solving, just give us a call!

DE Blowback not always related to torn/old grids

- Thursday, August 02, 2012

We often hear that de is still blowing back into pools after the grids have been replaced. At this point its best to check the manifold and make sure there is no debris from the previous set of grids stuck inside. What can happen as you are removing the old set of grids, the tip that rests inside of the manifold snaps off and prevents the new grid from fully inserting to the pool filter manifold. Next we should move on to the manifold. Each pool filter manifold comes equipped with an air bleeder to expel air that has accumulated in the manifold. The air bleeder tends to be a focal point for pressure and over the years the plastic can fatigue and crack. Pressure build up can also collapse the fin mesh filter screen. Depending on the DE filter we have many different parts to address this issue. Custom Molded products has developed an innovative solution to the Pentair FNS Plus series of DE pool filter manifolds. Below I have attached some pictures of a manifold that collapsed the mesh screen and developed cracks. Additionally you will see where Custom Molded integrated the air bleed into the manifold itself. No feed pipe, no mesh screen to worry about.


 FNS Plus DE Filter manifold 59023700, 59000400 with cracks. Time to replace!




 CMC manifold with the integrated air bleeder that fitsPentair/American Titan RPM & 5000 Series and Pentair FNS Plus DE (24, 36,48, 60 sq. ft grids)


Fred Savill - Thursday, June 21, 2012

Now that summer is in full bloom maybe the algae in your pool is in full bloom also. No need to panic…simply use the right algaecide and get rid of this ugly nuisance. As the water temperature in your pool rises from the summer heat your pool becomes a fertile place for algae to thrive. In addition, high bathing loads and environmental factors such as summer rain fall also contribute to the growth of algae.  One of the most prevalent types of algae in pool water is yellow or commonly called “mustard algae”. There is a product named Yellow Treat which is very effective in ridding your pool of mustard algae. When used as directed on the label you will be amazed at how quickly it knocks out and removes this ugly yellow growth from your pool. When added to your pool water Yellow Treat combined with chlorine creates a “super oxidizer” which destroys algae immediately upon contact. Once the algae is gone you must be sure to maintain the proper chlorine level as well as water balance to insure that the algae does not return. It only takes a matter of hours with a low chlorine level in your pool water for algae to once again reappear and thrive.

2 LB Yellow Treat Kills Mustard Algae in Swimming Pools





Fred Savill - Thursday, June 21, 2012

As a pool professional for over 30 years I have tried almost all  of the different varieties of pool maintenance equipment items that have come down the pike. When it comes to vac heads for vacuuming your pool I offer this opinion on the difference between the economy vac head and the quality vac head.  The primary difference between the less expensive vac head and the higher quality, higher priced vac head is the weight of the head itself. While the higher quality vac heads also have better roller bearing replaceable wheels, the real benefit of the quality vac head is in it’s weight. When vacuuming your pool using a lighter weight vac head it tends to lift up from the pool surface stirring up the debris that you are trying to remove. Whereas the higher quality, heavier vac head glides smoothly over the pool surface without lifting up and stirring up the debris as you pass over it. As a pool owner you might have a tendency to think that a vac head, is a vac head, is a vac head. However, the time savings, as well as the durability aspect of the higher quality vac head makes it well worth the extra cost. 


Fred Savill - Thursday, June 21, 2012

Pool owners often get confused about the terminology or different names that chlorine is referred to by. Simply speaking, the two primary types of chlorine that we use to treat our pool water are granular which is a dry or powder form, and liquid chlorine that comes in a jug. Of course there are chlorine tabs which is really just dry chlorine pressed and compacted into pool tablets or sometimes referred to as pool pills. Where the confusion often comes in is when retail pool stores call granular chlorine “shock”, “super shock”, “sock it”, and various other marketing terms.  What pool stores and pool supply retailers don’t usually tell you is that most of these chlorine products are simply ordinary 65% strength granular or dry chlorine. Pool supply stores package the granular chlorine in handy 2-3 lb plastic bags and charge a much higher price than if you were to buy a 25-50 lb bucket of granular chlorine.  By calling the chlorine packets “shock” or some other name designed to make you think it is a special form of chlorine used just for super chlorinating or shocking your pool water, the price of these packets is actually just shocking your wallet!  While there are indeed higher strength granular or dry chlorine products sold in some pool supply stores, the majority of granular “super chlorinating” or “shocking”  products are simply standard strength dry chlorine available at a much cheaper price. Granular chlorine has a fairly long (6-12 months +) shelf life.  So do yourself AND your wallet a favor.  Buy a 25-50 lb container of granular chlorine to use for shocking or super chlorinating your pool water throughout the swim season.


Fred Savill - Thursday, June 21, 2012

Vacuuming your pool when it is full of leaves can be a nightmare! A good solution is to use a leaf rake net and scoop out the majority of leaves before vacuuming. Another great time and energy saver is to use an in-line leaf trap or canister while vacuuming your pool. The leaf trap attaches easily to your vacuum hose and traps the leaves before they can enter your pool pump basket.  The large capacity leaf canister allows you to vacuum a large amount of leaves before having to empty it. This feature saves a great deal of time.  Click on the links below and check out these useful pool tools.

      LeafCan1-BIG                     RedBaronNetSmall

Pool Pump Seal Identification Chart

Fred Savill - Thursday, June 21, 2012


We have attached this quick link so that you can identify the proper seal replacement for your pool pump. If you would rather have our expert customer service personnel help you find the proper replacement seal just give us a call and we will be happy to assist you! After you have identified the proper seal for your pool pump just click on the link below and order your seal today.

Pool Motor Problems/Making Loud Noise

Fred Savill - Thursday, June 21, 2012

Is your pool pump motor making a loud grinding noise or high pitched whine?  If so, the motor bearings are probably worn out. Now is the time to replace your motor before any additional damage happens. We have a complete inventory of pool motors at the lowest prices possible. Give us a call today and we will be glad to help you find the exact motor replacement that you need! Click on the links below to see our motors.

Hayward/Pentair Pool Filter Problems?

Fred Savill - Thursday, June 21, 2012


Is your pool water cloudy or getting cloudy after you backwash your filter? You most likely have torn or worn out filter grids that need replacing. We carry a full line of replacement filter grids for Hayward and Pentair DE filters. Click on the link below to find your filter grids.  Not sure what size grids are right for your filter? Contact us by phone or return comment to this post and our expert customer service personnel will help you get just the right filter grids that you need!

Hayward Pentair Pac Fab DE Filter Grid Set_new large

Pool Motor Replacement

Fred Savill - Thursday, June 21, 2012

AO Smith Round FlangeAO Smith Square Flange Motor_New

Not sure which motor is the correct replacement for your Hayward, Starite, Pentair SuperFlo or WhisperFlo pump?  Let us help you! Just send us the pump model number OR the motor model number printed on either of the name plates and we will guide you to the right motor replacement for your pool pump. You can call us or simply reply to this post and we will be more than happy to assist you.

Already know which motor that you need…click on the link below and go right to our motor selection. We carry both AO Smith and GE Marathon.

Hayward Navigator Pool Auto Cleaner

Fred Savill - Thursday, June 21, 2012


Is your Hayward Navigator running in circles, slowing down, or not running at all?  Don’t throw it away…fix it!  Navigators have an extensive list or repair parts and kits that are easy to install! You can save a great deal of money AND have your cleaner working like new again. Positive Pool Wholesale Supply customer service personnel are experts on Hayward Navigators and can help guide you to just the right parts to get your Navigator going again. Give us a call or simply ask us a question by clicking the comment button on this blog post.

Click on this link to look at all the Hayward Navigator parts that are available:

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